7 thoughts on “Brand Week – Question #4

  1. For men, it may be a clarity of vision in terms of what the brand represents and how the promises are delivered. Marketing combined with operations (as Jennifer Rice eloquently puts it). Due to left brain dominance, Men simply think more in a logical, linear manner.

    Women, on the other hand, are utilizing both sides of the brain exponentially, and studies have shown that the “reward behavior” area of the brain lights up when bonding and human connections are made. Women want more of the human connection aspect, and rely on emotional memory and experience much more than men do. Instead of thinking in terms of the operational aspect of a business, they somehow convert that to mean “personal experience factor.”

    That’s more than my penny’s worth…

  2. Great question indeed!

    The poet William Blake wrote, “Time and Space are Real Beings, A Male & A Female. Time is a Man and Space is a Woman.”

    This is really the entire premise of the book The Alphabet versus the Goddess: “How did the invention of the alphabet affect the balance of power between men and women?” I’ve not fully absorbed all of what I’ve read, but this book has changed my entire perspective on communication in general and the way we communicate more specifically.

    Fascinating stuff to think about and I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say!!

  3. I’m SO glad you mentioned Alphabet and the Goddess, Jon – I just picked that book up about two weeks ago and haven’t gotten through it all yet. You’ve given me the nudge…

  4. Michele,

    Cool, perhaps a cross-blog discussion of the book when we both complete it? Actually, “fouroboros” was the one who suggested I read it, so perhaps the three of us can participate? Thoughts?

    I’m not quite halfway through – I got sidetracked by “Free Prize Inside”. Now I’ve started reading “The Hero & The Outlaw” – have you read that one?

    So much good stuff out there, not enough hours in the day, huh?


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  6. Yes – because there are differences between men and women (other than the obvious – or sometimes NOT so obvious).

    A good example would be… you wouldn’t necessarily use the same print ad in “Cosmopolitan” as you would in “Men’s Health.”

    But, like any good marketer with any good product – just lumping them into a segment called “men” and “women” is not enough. More than likely you’ll find a better, more specific group of users of your product that will allow you more precise and efficient targeting of your messages.

  7. Jon – Consider me ON for a discussion – would love it!

    Paul – right ON about it being more than “men vs. women.” We haven’t even gotten into a discussion of personality types, and how they respond to different language structure…

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