Penny-Pinching or Nit-Picking

First, I want to introduce you to a new blog – An Entrepreneur’s Life.

It only been up a couple of days, and it is putting up quality stuff. I had to link to this morning’s penny post – “When Penny-Pinching Defeats Customer Appreciation – A Starbucks Tale of Marketing Woe“.

I remember Jackie at the Church talking about buying her Mini Cooper and getting crystal candlestick holders as a thank you gift. I thought the dealership missed the mark on that one.

AEL is unhappy because the Free Prize Inside (more shameless promotion for the next BBBT) was a mere 12 oz. cup of joe. I don’t think you can be too upset about not being able to choose the size of the prize. I won’t disagree that Starbucks could have knocked it out of the park by saying, “Anything off the menu, our treat”.

It is interesting though how expectations can change your perception of a situation. In this case, the customer thinks, “Wow, you guys really care about me.” and then opens the envelope to find something that makes them think “You don’t care as much as I thought.”