Do you remember my challenge?

Instead of a resolution, I issued a New Year’s challenge.

Change one thing in your life and put all your energy into that one thing.

I said we’d check back on April 1st.

For me, it was the decision to leave the family business and stay home with my son. It has been an adjustment, but I am very happy with decision.

My next 90 day project is going to be starting the process of learning French. I don’t expect to be fluent, but I am looking for the “being able to get around” French. My next trip to France is in September.

Anyone else made a change?

One thought on “Do you remember my challenge?

  1. Right along with you I made a commitment: to find a new job.

    I did. It was the wrong one. So, my next commitment? FIND A NEW JOB! 😉

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