You know I am always a sucker for penny references.

Hanson was on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest today.

The lead single off their new album Underneath is Penny and Me. You can listen to a clip here.

Like almost everything here at A Penny For…, there is a business angle to this post. I first have to admit that I like Hanson’s music. Their last album had stuff I enjoyed.

After they got done playing, I immediately went to iTunes looking to download Penny and Me. I couldn’t find it. They listed all of their old albums, but nothing about the new one. I hopped over to Amazon and found the album will be released on April 20th. I would love to know how many people did the same thing I did.

I wonder if the immediate availability of digital media is going to require a change in the way it is publicized. I would argue that Hanson missed out on revenue today by not having the album available for purchase. Honestly, don’t know if I will be as hot after the song a month from now. Fans of Hanson will be willing to wait. What about all the people who thought to give them another chance? Unless they start getting airplay, Hanson missed an opportunity to convert those prospects to customers.

Now imagine, Hanson ends their performance and says, “If you liked the new song, visit iTunes. The single and new album is available there today.”

What do you all think? Is there any point in creating pent-up demand for product that can be experienced two minutes after you decide you would like to experience it?

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  1. Todd,

    This reminds me of the post you had a couple of months ago, about DiscLive. “If you enjoyed the show, you can buy the CD.”

    Get people while they have an interest.


  2. I’ve got to agree with you. I’ve been having the same problem with a number of forthcoming releases, including the new Usher song “Yeah”. I like Usher and Hanson, but neither will make my favorite band chart. But, I am a strong impusle music buyer. As soon as I heard the new Usher song, I fired up iTunes, and nadda. Went to Amazon (ironically a similar path as you), found out it won’t be released until 23 March. This served to irritate me more than instill anticipation. I wanted the song now–the videos available, and so is radio play, so why not a digital single. So I ended up firing up WireTap and creating a serviceable MP3 from online video.

    Now, I may go back and buy the song after the 23 March. But its more likely, that I’ll have played it to my fill, and won’t give it another thought, unless another good single is released on the able. So the artist 7 record company both lose. They could have had my money immediately, and now its a 20/80 proposition.

  3. Maybe the real business angle is that promotion should change (exactly how is up to debate). Getting anticipation and buzz for a major launch is the record companyies’ old model. Still, they rely on big SoundScan numbers on launch to increase the buzz.

    Buzz relies on big fans shelling out for a whole CD, too. Itunes allows the casual fan to download just the one song.

  4. I agree…I was a little surprised that Hanson’s doing a lot of promoting now when the album won’t be out for 6 weeks (and the “Penny and Me” single isn’t out in stores until March 23rd)…I’m hoping that a lot of people just pre-ordered the album, but what about those who want instant gratification?

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