Business and Blogging VI: Corporate Weblog Manifesto

Ben at the Church had a post last week about Robert Scoble. Being hailed as World’s greatest blogger, I had to check him out.

I wanted to point you to his Corporate Weblog Manifesto. This goes along great with what I was talking about last week. The Manifesto consists of 21 points. I think they are all good, but #20 and #21 I like the most. They both go together well.

20. Be the authority on your product/company. You should know more about your product than anyone else alive, if you’re writing a weblog about it. If there’s someone alive who knows more, you damn well better have links to them (and you should send some goodies to them to thank them for being such great advocates).

21. Know who is talking about you

I had a publisher contact me this week to give me additional information about a book I had blogged about. That shows me companies are starting to look at what bloggers are saying about them.