Cash Register Principle – Review

Last week, I highlighted the Jon Strande’s ebook The Cash Register Principle. I sat down and read the 82 page document over the weekend and wanted to give you my thoughts.

I think Jon talks about a number of important issues. The main point of his book is the importance of communicating with employees about their contribution and cost to the organization. He says you need to boil it down to “How many X’s does it take to pay someone’s salary?”

What you will find with the book is Jon has put in everything he knows about how to make a business successful. He talks about leadership, training, and recognition. He also gives concrete examples of things you can do to improve those areas. I think he may have wandered a bit as it relates to the Cash Register Principle, but that could be fixed with a little editing.

You can download the FREE ebook from the Cash Register Principle website.

Go check it out!

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