Dreaming of Collaboration

I had a dream a few nights ago. I was watching a episode of a reality TV show. The premise of the show was General Motors had partnered with Trading Spaces to create a concept car.

The idea was they were going to create a vehicle that matched the needs of the Trading Spaces viewer. Some of the designers from the show were involved to make everything aesthetically pleasing. There were viewers from past episodes who were brought in to give their opinion. My dream didn’t outline all of the details that would be the program compelling and watchable.

I thought it was a clever idea though. Trading Spaces has an audience in the millions. The show expands their brand and create more programming. General Motors (or whatever automaker) would get a lot of free advertising and have a built in market for the evolving vehicle. Ford already builds the Ford Harley Davidson F-Series. Why not the Toyota Trading Spaces Sienna?

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