Home Shopping Madness

Did you see the segment on Primetime tonight about the Home Shopping Network?

I have never bought anything from a shopping channel. It seems some of you out there do.

Consider this: Suzanne Sommers sold 50 million dollars worth of products last year on HSN.

Oh my God.

The Primetime piece followed three people and their new products. The main story was about Jim Song and his Germ Terminator. He has bet eveything on this idea and has 300,000 Germ Terminators sitting in a warehouse. His challenge was to sell 300 units in 12 minutes. He managed to sell double that and received an invitation to return.

There was a similar article in the November issue of Inc. about QVC. The takeaway from the Inc. article was that getting your product on a shopping channel is a huge step towards getting picked up by the Big Box stores.