NFL Entertainment

You must have heard by now about Joe Horn and his cellphone on Sunday night. Most comments by analysts, players, and fans have called the stunt everything from stupid to self-centered showboating. 65% of USA Today readers called it foolish. It came up on Milwaukee talk radio last night with Mark Belling saying the people who enjoyed the display are the same people who enjoy professional wrestling.

I thought it was funny and I don’t watch pro wrestling.

I love the NFL. They put a great product on the field. It is an entertainment product they are selling.

Humor as the method of entertainment has slowly been creeping in to the NFL. Look at the pre-game shows and the use of humor. Look at the intros they show before going into games (did you see the Packers-Vikings intro on Sunday Night Football). Monday Night Football even hired a comedian for their booth. To think humor would not creep into the game itself would be naive.

The No Fun League decided they didn’t like Horn’s cellphone and imposed a $30,000 fine. How many players also got fines for their socks being too long? I think the NFL is taking their product too seriously.

What I am afraid of is more rules. After a touchdown, Donald Driver took a picture of Jevon Walker with an imaginary camera in the Packers/Chargers game. Is that too much? Will we have to stop the Lambeau Leap?

I think there should be limits to these sorts of celebration. I would start with good taste (the throat slashes were over the top). I would also not allow personal product endorsements. As long as it doesn’t hold up the game, I say “Why not?”