Reward good behavior

I am a big believer in rewarding people for desired behavior. This could be rewarding employees for finishing a project under budget by giving them a portion of the savings.

I saw an example this week where customers were rewarded for good behavior. My wife’s company Christmas dinner was held at Mr. B’s Streakhouse in Brookfield, WI. Mr. B’s is well known in the Milwaukee area for their outstanding food and service.

The steaks were wonderful. For dessert, we had tiramisu and it was incredible. The interesting part is that tiramisu is not available off the regular menu. Mr. B’s only serves tiramisu at group parties.

I think this is a clever marketing decision. By only offering the dessert at group parties, they offer a unique reward to people who bring their party business to Mr. B’s. It also reinforces itself. Everyone who attended the party experiences the tiramisu, finds out they can only get it at parties, and brings their parties to Mr. B’s.

What could you do to reward your customers for good behavior?

One thought on “Reward good behavior

  1. If I even got 1% of the money I saved (real dollars, not efficiencies), I wouldn’t ever have to work again. Set to top 1M$/year at my current company… Okay, so I would need to work again, but still 😐

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