Adwords Update

I had two more stories about my Adwords campaigns.

  • I got an email last week telling me I was getting $13.69 back from Google. Their investigation found invalid or fraudulent clicks some of my ads. I sent a follow-up email to them, but they wouldn’t give me any more information about what happened. There has been a lot of speculation about how Google would protect advertisers. I can attest to the fact they have a protection program and I have benefited. While I am happy about the protection, it is a little weird not knowing what I am being protected against.
  • I was looking at the server log for my business website and found a referral link from Being in the sheet metal fabrication business, I found it odd to be getting traffic from a site that has absolutely nothing to do with us. I followed the link and found the page matched the location of my business. Halfway down the page was a Google ad for my business. My ad states that we are located in Burlington, WI. Google associated the Burlington, WI in my ad with the city zip code and was delivering geographic based ads back to While I am not sure that it is the right audience for my business, I thought the ad delivery was pretty clever.