Re-Imagine – Tom Peters

You have probably heard about Tom’s new book.

Re-Imagine is a strange cross between a business anthology and a book that belongs on your coffee table.

I remember listening to In Search of Excellence on audio tape. Peters had chosen to narrate them, and I felt it was very effective. I could hear his voice in my head as I read this book.

He covers a lot of ground and highlights a lot of ideas from others. I think there are five or six other books I have to read now that have finished this.

The book is very graphical. I think that is my only complaint. It makes the book difficult to read. There are lots of images behind the text. Every page has dotted lines leading you sidebar comments in the margin. At times, it was hard to concentrate on what he was trying to tell me.

Having said that, I recommend the book. It pumps you up, it forces you to think bigger and broader, and there are lots of exclamation marks (!!!you’ll see!!!).