$450,000 for your thoughts

The age of ” a penny for your thoughts” is coming to an end.

Joey Reiman says this in his book, “Thinking for a Living”.

He says it is all about the ideas. He ran a very successful advertising agency for a number of years, but realized something. He would pitch ideas for campaigns to his clients and never get paid for the ideas. It was all about getting the account, so you could make your money by placing ads in the media. That is where ad companies make their money.

Reiman left advertising and started BrightHouse. He claims it to be the first company that is in the business of selling ideas. He gets $450,000 for an idea. A number of companies pay him $1,000,000 a year to help with idea generation.

I am not getting that kind of money for my ideas, so I think I’ll leave the name the way it is…

Here is a profile of BrightHouse from Fast Company (July 1999).