BizBlogDirectory 2.0

We are going to try the BizBlogDirectory again.

I was introduced this morning to a new service callled Stikipad. It is still in beta, but Jonathan was nice enough to let me give it a run.

I lost the old directory due to spammers, but there are a couple of cool features built in to stop that.

So, please get in there and add your business blog. And try out a cool piece of software!

Wiki Spam

I am starting to have problems with people coming along, deleting the bizblogdirectory, and put in a bunch of crap. I knew it would be a matter of time before this would happen.

Is anyone else having the same problems with their public wikis? What does Wikipedia do to combat this?


This is my periodic post on the bizblogdirectory wiki. We have 103 business related blogs in the directory now. If your blog fits the bill, jump over there and add it.

Over the weekend, the directory was attacked, deleted, and copied over. When I started, I wondered how long it would take for something like that to happen. It took six months for us. What is great about wikis is they remember revisions and it was not difficult at all to restore the directory.

We will live on!

Wiki @ APenny

I have been hearing all of these great things about wikis. I decided I needed to get in the game.

You will find the the A Penny For… Wiki at

The first experiment is going to be a user maintained directory of business blogs. Feel free to jump over and add your blog or one you like. All the details are there.

If you have questions, email me at todd [at] apennyfor [dot] com.