The Squished Penny Museum

You know I can’t resist penny links.

Today, Angie McKaig linked to the The Squished Penny Museum.

Where will you find the most squished penny machines per capita in the U.S.?

Wisconsin Dells, WI with 3.63 machines per thousand residents – They have nine machines and a population of 2,481.

Number three on the list is also a Wisconsin town – Spring Green at 2.09 machines per thousand residents.

I was thinking I should have some made and give them away as my business card. I can’t think of a better tie-in to the blog.

Pennies from Heaven

TrueTalk is writing a series called Pennies from Heaven and I always link to things having to do with pennies. Chuck Conway gets credit for pointing them out to me and he has all the posts summarized in one entry. Beyond the copper coin connection, it is a great series on how money doesn’t buy happiness.

Save the Penny!

William Safire is the latest who wants to get rid of the Penny.

My reason for wanting to keep the coin is simple. If I have to change the name to “A Nickel For…”, I think people are going to expect five times more out of this blog. I don’t know if I can keep up with that sort of inflation.

More Penny & Me News

Hanson’s “Penny & Me” debuted at #2 on the Billboard Singles chart. Besides the Penny connection, I think it is very interesting that this album is an independent release and getting this much attention.

Hanson opted out of their contract with a major label and released it on their 3CG (three car garage) label. The distribution is being handled by Alternative Distribution Alliance. ADA does distribution for independent labels. I ran across a few names I recognized on their site including Comedy Central and Sub Pop Records.

Songs with “Penny” in the title

  • Penny – Night Ranger
  • Throw a Penny – Bee Gees
  • Druscilla Penny – The Carpenters
  • A Bad Penny – Cat Stevens
  • Penny Is Poison – The Verve Pipe
  • Penny Lane – The Beatles
  • A Penny A Kiss – Tony Martin
  • Penny Lover – Lionel Richie
  • A Penny For Your Thoughts – Willie Nelson
  • Penny for Your Thoughts – Peter Frampton
  • Penny & Me – Hanson
  • Penny’s Song – Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)
  • Penny – The National Parks
  • Penny – The Honeycutters
  • Penny – Joe Stampley & Moe Bandy
  • Pretty Penny – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Penny On the Floor – The Clark
  • Lucky Penny – JD McPherson
  • Penny On the Train Track – Ben Kweller