In 2010, Seth Godin asked people to make a list of what they shipped. I have been doing this exercise each year since then. You can see my past #YearInReview posts here. I have come to believe that this is an important activity, especially for entrepreneurs to see what they have accomplished.

2019 revolved around three things:

  1. Joining Bard Press and launching The Gift of Struggle by Bobby Herrera in June.
  2. Serving as shuso for six months at Dharma Rain.
  3. Writing a new book in collaboration with a client (more on that soon).

There were many little things that rolled into those three big things, but that was my year. It was always easy to know if I was focused on the right things.

Other notable “shipments” included

  • Help two other authors develop concepts and marketing for their book projects.
  • I sat for three week-long sesshins (meditation retreats) in three months.
  • Wrote my first paid article for a publication.
  • Wrote 15 blog posts, posted three new videos and started a monthly newsletter that has nine issues for the year (you can sign up here).
  • Started a meet-up group for Portland-based business book authors.
  • Took my first trip to New Orleans and attended Keller-Williams’ Family Reunion event.
  • Took trips to Austin, New York City, The San Juans, Phoenix, Detroit, Crater Lake, and Chicago.
  • The kids and I went to PAX West and had a blast!
  • Studied Manzan Dohaku and Menzan Zuiho, two important figures that reformed Soto Zen during the Edo Period in Japan, and wrote a research paper on their impact.

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