What I Read – April 2018




Stick with It by Sean Young – The book has all the components of a great business book, opening with strong frameworks to think about change.  From there, he pushes back on the recent popularity in “habit” books but there isn’t enough contrast for me to see what is different about his approach.  The framework started to feel familiar. The stories are good, but I found him repeating material in places. I really wanted to like it more than it did. Could.


The Mighty Thor: Thunder In Her Veins by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman – I just finished reading Aaron’s run on Star Wars and decided this would be a great place to follow him to.  I loved it. Jane Foster lifts Mjolnir and takes up the mantle of Thor. This first volume finds her trying to keep peace in the Nine Realms as she battles Loki, Odin and the cancer killing her mortal body. Must.

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