Happier – A New Project

Today I turn 46 years old.

I am starting something new today.

I have gotten very interested in what makes people happy and what role happiness plays in our lives.

I started really thinking about my own happiness about six years ago. I am not sure I would have even said that is what I was doing. I just knew I was in a bad place and that something needed to change.

I don’t have foolproof plan or a twelve step process to share. I can only say that I have learned a lot about myself.

What I want to do is get more deliberate about being happier. From the work I have done to this point, I know it takes practice.

So, for the next year, I am going to share the deliberateness – the research I find that helps and the daily practices I use.

If that sounds interesting or you feel that same need to change something, I hope you’ll join me.

I am setting up an email newsletter for those who want a simple to keep up with the project.  You can sign up here.

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