Where I Would Be Now

It’s hard to chart an alternative course for my life had I not started blogging, because every significant event in my career during the last ten years has come from this form of writing.

My connection to 800-CEO-READ came from an author who found my blog, saw my love for business books, and thought I should know that the nexus for the industry was less than 20 miles from my home. His introduction led to my first position at the company as a blogger paid to write about business books and continued for seven wonderful years.

When I left 800-CEO-READ in 2009, blogging directly led my to my next pursuits. A tweet from an editor in Spain connected me to the world of literary scouting. My renewed blogging about the future of publishing led to a project with the awesome folks at O’Reilly. My clients for book development have all come to read what I am about and what I believe and the conversations start at a much richer point.

As Hugh says in his new book, “Freedom is Blogging” and I couldn’t agree more.

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