Idea Arena Podcast – Fans, Friends, and Followers Interview with Scott Kirsner

In this interview, I talk with Scott Kirsner, the author of Fans, Friends Followers: Building An Audience and a Creative Career in the Digital Age.

Fans, Friends & Followers is a book with lessons and case studies about musicians, filmmakers, and authors who built their audiences independently online. We talk about creating remarkable content, how these creators involve their audiences in the creations, and the ways to use free material to build followers.

Be different. Create work only you can create. Since there are no gatekeepers, there’s no one to tell you that your art or music or video is unmarketable, too weird, too challenging. There’s no one to demand that you follow a proven formula, or conduct a focus group to see whether people like the way your movie ends.

Download Fans, Friends & Followers Interview with Scott Kirsner


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