The Cut

Jesse from the Put This On1 blog was answering a question the other day from a reader who wanted to know what could be do to alter a vintage suit he had bought. The first sentence from his answer stuck with me:

Pants fashion should be (and largely is) about cut, not size.

This is certainly what Clinton and Stacey from What Not To Wear have been telling us for years, but hearing it said that way made me think beyond fashion for a minute.

I started to think about how it might be the same for all ideas. It is hard to tailor ideas that don’t correspond with the circumstances. Consider Grant McCracken’s prognosis for Dollhouse. The protagonist Echo is imprinted each episode with a new identity and culturally, McCracken argues, we don’t like to see forced transformations each week. There is a problem with “the cut” that a new actress or different script can fix.

1 – Check out Put This On. As Mark at Index MB puts it – “Esquire or GQ should have launched a show like this in 2006.” They are raising money to produce six more episodes over at Kickstarter. Go pitch in a few bucks.

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