What is the NFL thinking?

One of the great things about blogs is that your opinion is captured and, if people are listening, is heard.

The National Football League has a near perfect product; one that is designed for television, one that advertisers want to be a part of, one that is wonderfully unpredictable. I could go on.

This game in London today and Goddell floating the balloon about staging the Super Bowl outside the US has me wondering if the League has completely lost its mind. I don’t understand why you would takeaway home game from a team and its fans. NFL Europe didn’t work; that should be a hint about the viability of American Football in the Old World. And then you are going to take what is turning into the single most important yearly sporting event and hold it in another country? You don’t see the Premier League saying, “Let’s stage a match at the Meadowlands.”

Each of the major sports leagues seems to be forgetting to ask a simple question: “Is this what the fans want?” In the end, it is the only thing that keeps the machine running.

One thought on “What is the NFL thinking?

  1. Todd,
    I think it is VERY clear what the NFL and Goodell are thinking:


    I hope they don’t ruin the game by alienating the rabid fans, myself included, by focusing overseas.

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