Pi and Domain Names

I saw a t-shirt today with the symbol pi (π) and it was followed by the decimal equivalent taken out to 50 decimals. You might remember from grade school or high school that pi is a irrational number that appears to have no repeating patterns. You normally use this factor when you are doing calculations with circles and such.

I immediately wondered about the popularity of pi based on the web domain registrations. What I found was more inconsistency than I expected. Instant Domain Search is a pretty cool tool to look this up quickly. Here is what I found:

314 – taken
3141 – taken
31415 – taken

314159 – taken
3141592 – taken
31415926 – taken

314159265 – available
3141592653 – available

31415926535 – taken
314159265358 – taken

3141592653589 – available
31415926535897 – taken
314159265358979 – taken
3141592653589793 – taken
31415926535897932 – taken

314159265358979323 – available
3141592653589793238 – available
31415926535897932384 – available

314159265358979323846 – taken
3141592653589793238462 – taken

31415926535897932384626 – available
314159265358979323846264 – available
3141592653589793238462643 – available
31415926535897932384626433 – available

and from here to 31415926535897932384626433832795028841971 is available.

I would have figured that people would have consistency bought each additional decimal place, but it seems some versions are more interested to people than others.

2 thoughts on “Pi and Domain Names

  1. Seems to me that if you wanted to really do this right, you’d drop the first digit (the 3), register the remainder, then make the 3 a sub-domain. In other words:

    1. Register 14159
    2. Set up 3 as a sub-domain
    3. Point people to the web address 3.14159

    But that’s just the geek engineer in me thinking.

    You’re right, by the way, in that the Instant Domain Search tool is very cool.


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