Lost Recordings of Wilmot High School Pep Band

My mother will periodically bring me things she has found from leftover from my childhood.  The latest is a true treasure.  She found an LP with recordings of my high school pep band.  I couldn’t find a year anywhere on the package, but I fairly certain it was put together in 1987, my sophmore year.  You will find me listed as a member the trombone section.  I played baritone and valve trombone through high school and college.

For your listening pleasure, I had the recordings converted to mp3s (thanks, Dylan).




Catch The Spirit (Wilmot High Panthers Cheerleaders, 1:21)

All Right Now

Proud Mary

Charge Medley – Live


Takin’ Care of Business



Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Panther Prowl

Gimme Some Lovin’

Barbara Ann

Panther Spirit Supplied By The Following:

Karin Corder
Jenny Smolik
Jonna Franz
Melissa Bartuska
Erin Swanson

Dave Anderson
Todd Sattersten
Bill Moore
Val Clause

Amy Anderson
Donna Chase
Tina Ishmael
Julie Kaphengst

Paul Mozzocci
Andrea Pryor
Dale Kaphengst
Marc Vershowske

Rob Chapleau
Bob Lucksted

Lisa Raimonde
Michelle Ceremuga
Mike Kaphengst
Mike Hartman

Dan Yeh
Jenny Myra
Ron Rozell

Melaine Adams
Dina Dietschweiler
Heather Miller
Jonna Franz
Melissa Bartuska

Lance Haas (Band)
Dorothy Wentland (Cheerleaders)

14 thoughts on “Lost Recordings of Wilmot High School Pep Band

  1. I am a 2005 graduate of Wilmot High School. I played trombone in the band, and pep band was my thing. Haas changed the requirements for a band letter from being in Sgt. Peppers to playing in all of the pep band games for an entire year. I became the first student to recieve all four band letters under these requirements. In 2006, I began sponsoring a new award which Haas named after me (not my idea). It’s the “David Dvorak Pep Band Award” and is given to the band member who has come to the most pep band games in their high school career. I have gone to all of the pep band games since then and am now at 6 full years without missing.
    I think it’s really cool that you’ve had the record formatted for all. I can’t tell you how good it is to feel that you’re a part of something twice as old as yourself. This record was made when I was born, but the quality of the band has not diminished. I encourage everyone to come and see the pep band (the trombones still lead the pack).
    Also, for anyone in the area who hasn’t picked up their instrument in a while, Wilmot now has a community band. We play at the students’ Winter and St. Patrick’s Day Concerts, and rehearse Wednesday nights (about 5 times) before. Mr. Haas is the director (still) and it’s a blast to keep performing under him. May the Wilmot Guardsmen live on!
    PS- I would like to hear any and all stories, thoughts, comments, and questions you may have about the band!

  2. Your recording looks like it is from 1984. I graduated in 1986, but I see others on the recording (Bob Lucksted, Mike Hartman) who were two years ahead of me. I vaguely remember an all-morning recording session with this group to get all of these songs on tape, probably fueled by Mr. Z’s pizzas and choir candy bars.

    Lance Haas wrote “Panther Prowl” in 1984 as the boys basketball team won its first state championship.

    I can’t believe this is posted out there on the Web – and even more bizarre that I would stumble across it!

  3. Hearing these songs again brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing. One question – is “All Right Now” on the record as well?

  4. Thanks so much for posting these–how cool! Really brings back the memories of playing in the pep band and watching the BB team win state in ’84…

  5. Hello all

    My name is Chet and I graduated from Wilmot in 1990 and was one year behind Todd. A few comments about the recording, first “All Right Now” is on the record, it was the first one on side A. The recording had to have been done in the 1985-86 school year because it was completed when I came in as a freshman.

    When I listen to this it takes me way back, almost 20 years now, but I still love the energy and power of the music.

    Todd, if you’re ever in the Salem area let me know.


  6. Glad to hear this was recorded the year after I graduated – I was about to be upset that I wasn’t included!!! 😀
    Thanks for posting.
    Stan Peal, Drums, ’85

  7. BTW – I’m pretty sure Hass wrote the Pep Band arrangement for Panther Prowl, but the actual song was written by Debbie Draper in our small pop ensemble/arranging and composing class in 84-85.

  8. Hi – This is Lance Jr. I ran across this site and thought you all might be interested in knowing my Dad is playing in a band with me called “Who’sAsk’n?”. We have a website: http://www.whosaskn.com where you can see when/where we’re playing. I don’t know if any of you remember his old yellow record he made with the big smiley face on it, but we recently re-arranged and recorded a song off there called “Feels Like a New Love”. You can also download it on the site if you’re interested under the title “New Love”.

    Cheers to all!

  9. I just a big jump today in people landing on this page. I noticed everything was broke, so I went back and updated all the links to get the music and photos working right. Enjoy!

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