SXSW – Sink or Swim – Five Most Important Startup Decisions

Good morning.

I am starting my day at panel on startups. It was the star power that got me. Evan (Odeo), Joshua (, Cabel (Panic), and Joel (Fog Creek) are all speaking.

This is another one of those panels that gets interesting in the Q&A.

None of them had a business background nor do they really have business plans.

Joel – Paul Graham won’t give me to a company that doesn’t have at least two co-founders.

Cabel – MacWorld Test – If you can’t explain it in a single sentence, you are screwed.

Joel – Forget about coupons and affiliate programs, write the next version of software. They generally double sales when they release a new version of software.

Joshua – The best decisions were the choices not to add features to

Cabel – They always made software that they wanted to use, either because what was out there was bad or because it didn’t exist.

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One thought on “SXSW – Sink or Swim – Five Most Important Startup Decisions

  1. Nice roundup — it’s like I was almost there.

    Oh wait, I was.

    Still — great job summing things up — I hope people do the same for all the panels, so I can be in multiple places at once.

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