I am at SXSW this weekend.

I’ll give you my thoughts on the happenings over the next four days.

The first panel I am checking out the Beyond Folksonomies. They spent the first half of panel talking very philosophically about tagging (Zzzzz). The interesting parts include:

  • The other 99.5% of the world is not using tagging. (All of us forget that).
  • Mary Hodder from Dabble (video bookmarking) says their users look that two things to determine what they will watch – tags and clip length. This is unique for photos, audio, and video. Text search can do pretty good on blogs, but other forms of media can really benefit from tagging.
  • More people need to think about uses. Do we need a 45th social bookmarking site?
  • If you look at the folder structure on someone’s computer, they are using folksonomy already.
  • Folders are hierarchical, and tagging is better because it is flat and can show multiple relationships.

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