Private Companies in Wisconsin

In their most recent issue, Forbes has published a list of America’s Largest Private Companies. One of the peculiar things about Wisconsin has always been the number of large private concerns headquartered here. I went down through the first 100 companies on the list and Wisconsin is tied for third with Pennsylvania having seven companies on the list (California was first with 11 companies and New York was second with 10).

Here are the Wisconsin companies on the list:

Company Name(business) Rank Revenues ($mil)
Menard (home improvement stores) 23 6,508
SC Johnson (home cleaning, storage supplies) 24 6,500
Roundy’s (grocery stores, food wholesaler) 40 4,777
Kohler (plumbing fixtures, generators) 53 3,600
Schneider International (trucking, third-party logistics) 70 3,198
JohnsonDiversey (cleaning, sanitation supplies) 71 3,169
Schreiber Foods (packaged cheeses, frozen entrees) 91 2,700
Ashley Furniture Industries (furniture) 148 2,000
Quad Graphics (catalog, magazine printer) 170 1,807
F Dohmen (drug distributor, benefits management services) 178 1,734
US Oil (oil, auto parts distributor, convenience stores) 311 1,047