Your Choice in Power

I got a letter from my electric company, We Energies, with an interesting offering.

They are offering me the choice to use alternate resources to power my home. These are resources that are local to state and renewable. They say it is a combination of wind (17%), small hydroeletric (8%), and landfill gas (75%). They offer three participation levels with the highest being able to match 100% of your electricity with the purchases of renewable energy. That highest level adds an additional $15 a month to your bill.

I thought this was pretty remarkable. You typically do not have alot of choice over the energy you consume in your home. The old answer was consume less. Their new answer is renewable energy costs more, but here is option to pay for it if you value it.

2 thoughts on “Your Choice in Power

  1. I think you’re going to see more of these things–“Green” is the new black, and it’s popular enough that people will shell out a little extra money for the satisfaction it brings. Consumer demand and willingness to opt-in will make this economically feasible for more and more utitilities who, at the end of the day, don’t really give a deuce where the power comes from as long as they can keep their costs in line and the revenue rolling in on schedule.

  2. I agree with Max.

    If I wasn’t so disgusted with the big energy companies, I might be green with envy over this green energy alternative only being available (economically) to those with green in reserves.

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