WSJ Weekend Edition – Thumbs Up!

Today is the launch of the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition. Free to subscribers, this paper comes on Saturdays. It is three sections deep.

The main news section up front. It has some nice weekly summaries and previews. Their Hot Topic looks like it will be interesting. It takes up about a half page and gives a great briefing of a weekly topic. This week it is the Roberts confirmation.

The second section is Money & Investing. This is the section I normally skip, but in the weekend version, you get a personal finance angle. The articles seemed a little too focused on high wealth strategies (hedge ideas to protect gains on your house and discount-broker package deals). The one thing it did get me to do is look through the market data. I think that will be a good thing to do on a weekly basis.

The final section is called Pursuits. This week they have everything from a review of the new Disney Park in Hong Kong to an extensive article on new restaurants opening around the country. They are going to have regular features on books, film, food and drink.

So, a big thumbs up!

I keep hounding all you business people to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. They have just given you another reason with the additional weekend coverage. Go get it now!