Ten Favorite TUAW posts

The Unofficial Apple Weblog is giving away a Ipod Nano. The only thing you have to do is post your 10 all-time favorite posts from TUAW. So, here we go:

  1. What are you listening to? – In this post, they asked everyone to look at their iTunes and post what their 5 most played songs were. This was great because it was community based, easy to do, and it was guaranteed to have accurate results (Here were my five).
  2. The New York Times on Mac Geniuses and the Halo Effect – This was a great summary post that highlighted some great facts about the Genius Bars. I would have missed this had you not highlighted it.
  3. Freeware February: Notational Velocity – I was watching every day for what new tools you could bring into my life. NV is wonderful and a integral part of my workflow now.
  4. More birthday tributes for Steve – PodBrix are way cool and you brought them into my world.
  5. MacDevCenter on 20 Cool Tiger Features – I was quick to upgrade to Tiger and mostly enjoyed Spotlight. This post showed me some other things I could appreciate by going to 10.4.
  6. Make NetNewsWire Sing – This is the second most important program on my computer after Mail. This was a great tip and helped with slowdowns I was getting.
  7. T-shirt bears quote from Jobs’ Standford Speech – This was great for two reasons – the shirt is hilarious and you guys have a link to video of Jobs’ speech (I didn’t know I could watch it).
  8. When was your Mac Born? – This was a cute post. For people who consider their Apple a part of their identity, it was a great way to become even more attached.
  9. iTunes 5 shuffle got more random – I was always on the side that they must have some special programming built into the shuffle. I know it wasn’t true, but it sure seemed like it. I found it really interesting to see them add it as a feature (and I saw it on TUAW first).
  10. How to Create a podcast with .Mac – I liked the possibility of no bandwidth charges with putting my files up on .Mac. But what is great about this post is it referred to a TUAW post the day before that I had missed. The topic was how Apple just put a cap on bandwidth. It pushed me to pursue other avenues.

To summarize, TUAW helps me see things that I don’t often have time to find myself.