Glorious Football Returns

The only sport I watch religiously is professional football. I have been a life long Packers fan and Sunday the Green and Gold return to the field. There are playing the Detriot Lions at Ford Field.

The easy pick for the media right now seems to be that the Packers are going to have a disappointing season. WSJ had something on that. The local media is all over it. Brett is over the hill. They have had too many losses on the offensive line. The secondary is just as bad as they were last year. Whatever.

Like no other player in the NFL, when Brett Favre is on the field, you always have a chance to win the game. Sometimes, he pushes it and starts throwing INTs, but you take the good with the bad. It is the risks that he takes that make him who he is. Consider these stats from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Of his 225 consecutive starts (including playoffs), the Packers are 73-8 (a .901 winning percentage) when he doesn’t throw an interception; 48-31 (.608) when he throws one; 18-16 (.529) when he throws two; and 7-18 (.280) when he throws three. They’ve never won when he’s thrown four or more in a game (0-6).


One thought on “Glorious Football Returns

  1. OUCH!

    Like you, I am a MAJOR Packer Fan. I think all Wisconsinites are, or they’re not truly from Wisconsin!

    What a TERRIBLE weekend.

    Have to lick my wounds now…

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