Being Open

I scheduled a call today with someone who I thought was doing some cool stuff. I told him I had read about his company recently and wanted to find out more.

“Are you writing a story?”

“No, I am just interested.”

I told him I had a similar idea for publishing.

“We work with authors too.”

I said that it wasn’t really the same thing. I explained a bit and said I just wanted to know what sort of things he had learned through starting the company.

“Before we go any further, are you looking to partner with me or set-up some kind of consulting.”

I said again that I wanted to know more about his business.

“It would be great to sit here and throw around ideas with you, but my time is really limited.”


And I thanked him for his time.

I guess I have gotten use to talking about ideas freely and openly. It is such a natural part of the blogsphere.

Ideas that are shared, flourish and prosper.

Not everyone shares that view.