History Supplying the Stories

McMenamins is a chain of pubs located in the Pacific Northwest. Brothers Michael and Brian have knack for buying properties no one wants, restoring them, and turning them into “historical theme parks”. Restoration involves historians finding stories about prior residents and artisans painting murals of the found ‘characters’. The 50 locations will often cross-promote each other through brochures and beer coasters.

I just love the use of story in their customer’s experience.

[source: For Fun & (Minimal Profit); Forbes – 8/15/05]

One thought on “History Supplying the Stories

  1. I’m from Portland and McMenamins is great. All the pubs have good pub food and their own microbrews. Many of the location also include $3 second-run movie theaters which feature pizza and beer and have every other row of seats removed to accommodate long tables. They also have a few hotels with ballrooms to accommodate parties and other functions. Quite a success story and a lot of fun.

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