Stop It. Right Now.

There is an article in Men’s Health this month about how you can simplify your life. There is a sidebar that specifically spells out 16 things you can do to make things simpler.

#15 was blogging.

It recommended you give up blogging and start playing more attention to your girlfriend.

I think you can do both…

2 thoughts on “Stop It. Right Now.

  1. Todd,

    Interesting. For me, it wasn’t so much the blogging that interfered with my girlfriend, it was more my wife! 😉 Just kidding!!

    Seriously, after more than a month of travel and being away from my wife, I spent a couple of weeks offline. It felt nice not worrying about what I was missing! Even now that I’m back online regularly, I try to limit the amount of time I spend at the computer – outside of work of course – who knows, maybe when the summer is over, that will change.

  2. Hi,

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    – Beth Lawton

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