What Changes In A Year

A little over a year ago, I left my dad’s business after trying for two years to grow the business. I stayed probably six months longer than I should have. I knew there was nothing that was going to change the outlook. Part of it was I didn’t want to fail. The other part was that it was about family and all the emotion that comes along with that.

That idea of failure is something that I was not able to shake until recently. I think I finally realized that there was nothing I could have done to change the outcome. I did all the things I was capable of doing and it wasn’t enough. Barry Moltz in You Need To Be A Little Crazy says sometimes you will never know why a business doesn’t work. I really identify with that.

When you get past the pain and disappointment, other things start to appear. It is amazing the things I learned in those two years. I needed the transition from GE to small biz world. And what is great in a small business like that, there was nothing I didn’t get involved in.

I purchased everything.
I did quoting.
I collected from late customers.
I was customer service and answered phone calls from the calm and irate customers.
I tracked out quality problems.
I packed parts and arranged shipping.
I ran production when it needed to be done.
I did whatever needed to be done.

I am going to put together a series of posts on what I learned at Sater. I have a list of about five things and I am sure that others will come as I get going. I am hoping there is something I can share with all of you as a result of everything I went through.

I should also say everything has worked out for everyone. My dad found a buyer for the business and they are doing great. These folks that did all of the painting for Sater. Adding a fab shop fit well with what they did and they can now offer a huge package of services to their customers.

I really can’t complain either. I could not have told you a year ago that I would be getting paid to help companies with blogging or that I would be publishing a book. It is really interesting how things have turned out and probably more on the path I should be on…