I am in Chicago today for my third time in a week. Today it is to attend LexThink.

This is an event that was put together by Matt Homann and friends. The purpose of the event is pretty open ended. I would say one goal is to talk about what the perfect professional services firm looks like.

There is about 40 people here, which I think is pretty good.

The morning was a little slow. Everyone seemed to wallow in why things are the way they are. The after lunch session just finished and it was great. We talked about specific things can be done to improve client relationships.

Matt summarized the perfect firm:

Find your passion, talk to matching clients, and build your service around them.

One thought on “LexThink

  1. Great to meet you Todd – perhaps there was a need to reach some consensus that things are not working out there in the morning. I think your comments about your experiences were some of the ones that will stay with me for awhile… I needed to hear some of the complaints in the morning to make the problem “more real” to me.

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