Womma Blog Panel: Session and Questions

We had a great session. I want to thank Deborah and Rick.

We started by asking everyone some questions and the audiences answers:

How may know what a blog is – 95%
How many people read blogs daily – 40%
How many have personal blogs – 30%
How many have company blogs – 20%


How influential are bloggers?

How can you tell how many people are reading blogs?

How are big brands using blogs internally?

Talk about corporate blogs, and transparency.

We needed another hour to get close to answers everyone’s questions.

One thought on “Womma Blog Panel: Session and Questions

  1. Hi Todd,

    I’m the producer for MKEonline.com. We have a weekly ‘Blog of the Week‘ poll running at MKEonline.com, and your blog is included in this week’s poll. Voting is open until April 6. Voters can also nominate blogs for future weeks. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    – Beth Lawton, MKEonline.com

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