Building Media Brands

Pixar has something that few media companies have today: A brand.

I know that we recognize the names of companies like Warner Brothers and Random House, but the only association we make is they make movies and publish books. Many of these companies have history and were started with a particular goal in mind. United Artists was exactly that — some artists who got together to do things a different way).

Over time, consolidation and corporate games have eliminated the associations audiences use to have with these brands. Do you think of any type of movie when you think of 20th Century Fox? Not really.

Pixar has something different. People knew exactly what they are going to get when they go see one of their films. First, they know it is going to be computer generated animation. They know that it is going to be family friendly. As time goes on, it is becoming clear that you are also going to see an outstanding movie.

I am not sure why more media companies don’t try to create a identity that consumers can identify something with.

I smell an opportunity…