Trying to get back

I have been very busy in the real world and in producing content for others in the virtual world.

Let me send you to some of the stuff I have written for others this week and I promise I will be back next week with my thoughts on the world:

  • I have been working on educating 800-CEO-READ readers about tags. I have posted three in a four part series (one, two, and three). I am trying to get some standardize on the tag used to reference business books. If you find interesting content and use or Technorati tags, use businessbooks. I plan to use it to plan interesting content into the 8cr blogs.
  • I wrote a post for Business Blog Consulting about the great blogging article in The Wall Street Journal this week.
  • I am still posting links to the BizLinkBlog. I am pretty really selective, so you will probably see one or two links a day.