All the talk of Carly

Can we all agree on a few of things:

1. There was alot of talk when Carly Fiorina took over HP. She was the first women to take over a company of that size and HP was the first tech company. It was a first and firsts are always big.

2. The board brought her in because they thought things had to change. The way HP was working was perceived not to be working. The Compaq deal was the change she thought needs to take place. Lots of people disagreed, but she got the deal done. I think you can judge her performance after being there four years.

3. Her firing is as big as her hiring. This was a matter of time. She didn’t fit with The HP Way. She didn’t seem to get it. Again there is going to be lots of talk. The stories were already written. She was helping write some of them. I mean look at Fortune last week.

One thought on “All the talk of Carly

  1. Todd,

    I agree with your points.

    Going against about a million person-years of corporate culture is never an easy job.

    I put a shorter commentary over at my blog (see above).


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