The A Penny For… BizLinkBlog Launches

I am officially announcing the launch of The A Penny For.. BizLinkBlog.

People tell me they can’t read all the blogs I do. The APF BizLinkBlog is a solution. I read lots of stuff in print and online. I don’t have time to comment on everything and alot falls through the cracks. I am hoping the linkblog will help capture the lost and provide value to my readers.

You may just get a link, an excerpt or the whole post, depending on length and value.

I am playing with the format a bit. I want a format where I can copy and paste quickly over to the linkblog. So, it might change over the next couple of weeks as I work it out.

If you want one feed that give you the best of the 150+ business feeds I read, you can subscribe here.


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