Building a Better Blog

Brian Bailey from Leave It Behind has a post titled “Building a Better Blog”.

I like this post alot. I think is it time to think a little about how you are communicating with others with your blog. You can make improvements.

Here is his list with my thoughts:

  1. Use categories – I was just talking about this with Ben and Jackie yesterday. If you blog covers a wide range of topics, I think you should use categories. It lets your readers see what you talk about and lets them key in on the things that interest them.
  2. Use Titles – I am trying to get better at this. I think it is really important. Generic titles tell you nothing when you are reading RSS feeds. We are looking at using our blog content better at 800-CEO-READ and good titles is a key to readers being able to see what content will be of interest to them.
  3. Publish During High Traffic Times – I haven’t thought much about this one. I am going to experiment with this a little
  4. Syndicate Your Entire Post – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do this. If you have Typepad, go find the box to click to syndicate full posts. For others, find out how to modify your template. For those of you who are intentionally showing partial posts, you are losing readers. I know you want people to see your site and bump up those advertising measurements. I think you are going to have the opposite effect in the long-term.
  5. Click Your Own Links – I don’t do this enough. It is link verification and it helps others see you.
  6. Develop an Authentic Voice – I think this is something everyone does over time. Write about what interests you and you will be fine. The right people will find you.
  7. Tell Us Who You Are and How to Contact You – This really important. People are always looking at your about page and often want to talk to you one-on-one. Make it easy to do that.
  8. Don’t Be Afraid to Promote – I am mixed on this one. I rarely send others’ emails introducing or promoting my blog. I do try to create community events that draw bloggers and readers. I guess that promotes my blog in a slightly different way.
  9. Commment on Other Sites and Your Own – I think this is important. It is part of what blogging is about. It is creating conversation.
  10. The More You Write, The More You Will Have to Write About – I pretty much agree with this point. I know that when I have an idea, I have to write the post right away or else it is lost. Saying you will write it next week, rarely working. Just start writing.

Bonus:Content Brings Google – Absolutely. It happens all of the time.

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4 thoughts on “Building a Better Blog

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  2. Have to disagree with you on #4. Showing a partial post is no different than continuing a story in a newspaper or magazine on another page. If your opening is compelling, folks will turn to (click into) that other page. Partial posts sometimes even provide suspense. Your point is well taken…and while I disagree,I’m curious on how many others feel the way you do. I’m willing to be convinced that you’re right and I’m wrong. It’s certainly an very important issue. Any thoughts?

  3. Wait…aren’t you posting RSS “teasers” now? I’m posting partials on my site ’cause I’m interested in knowing how many readers I have, and RSS readership doesn’t log, right? No ad revenue involved.

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