Announcing The More Space Project

So, I have this idea. There are all of these great bloggers talking about the subject of business. The trouble is the format of blogging only allows for maybe 500 words in a post before most readers lose interest.

What happens if you gave these writers more space?

I know you have a ton of questions about the project. Here are the major points:

  • There will be 10 writers.
  • The essays will be published online in text and audio and we are going to publish a really cool book.
  • The project starts today and will drop sometime in April.
  • Everything will be done in the open. Bloggers are going to write their essays on their blogs. We are going to publish everything we do from vendor selection to costs to sales. The project is going to be as transparent as it can be.

The More Space blog has been started. You will find an extensive list of FAQs. Subscribe to the feed and watch the project unfold.

8 thoughts on “Announcing The More Space Project

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