Chalk One Up for the Airline Industry

Airlines are the customer service punching bag for most books, magazine articles, and blogger posts. I have been guilty of thrashing the industry myself.

I wanted to put in a good word for the good folks at Denver International Airport. We got to the airport on Saturday about an hour before our flight (yes, I know we should have gotten their earlier, but we drove that morning from Breckenridge). The line for the United counter stretched down the hall and took a left down another walkway. A United manager walked up to us and said it looked very intimidating, but we should be through in about 15 minutes. Amy started the stopwatch and to our amazement we where headed to security after 16 minutes and 30 seconds.

Security didn’t look much better. They had all of their retractable gates deployed. We must have done about 20 switchbacks before we reached the x-ray machines. Again, the line was moving constantly. I think we only stopped walking twice. The folks from TCA were courteous and clear about how to get through in a timely manner.

We made our flight with about 15 minutes to spare.

I also wanted to give a shout out to the United gate agent who said, “There is no baggage limit today.” Thank you!

One thought on “Chalk One Up for the Airline Industry

  1. WOW!

    The last time I flew my entire family was felt up by security… me, my wife, my 5 y.o. daughter, and my 2 y.o. son. I was wearing steeltoe boots and carrying a laptop, PDA, cell phone, harmonica, and Mountain Dew, so I deserves to be patted down and my wife looks like a terrorist, so I can’t blame security for wanting to feel her up, but the kids… that’s just stupid.

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