A Penny For…’s Top 24 of 2004

I think this tells of the story of my year pretty well. These represent things I have done and thoughts that I still think are important:

  1. Business Blog Book Tour
  2. Building Properties
  3. Would You Like Technology With That?
  4. Business in France
  5. MmmBop
  6. Building a Business
  7. Food and Thought
  8. Selling Chopper Style
  9. Comic Book Advice: What You Are Not
  10. Seinfeld on Attention Span
  11. Prices Are Rising
  12. Wiki @ A Penny
  13. I Want It Now
  14. Marketing is Definitely Hard
  15. Worthwhile Thoughts
  16. Doing More Stuff (With Ben and Jackie)
  17. Podcasting
  18. Beer.
  19. Filling the [Vioxx] Gap
  20. Why I Left
  21. Note to Pixar
  22. [Brett Favre]…Keeps Going and Going
  23. Gamesmanship in the Air
  24. This Year’s Holiday CD

One thought on “A Penny For…’s Top 24 of 2004

  1. Hi Todd, You’ve accomplished a lot on your blog.

    The Business Blog Book Tour is a special accomplishment. I really enjoyed participating in it and hope to have another opportunity in ’05.


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