BzzAgent: Be Open

I am a little behind on my feeds, but I wanted to point out an significant change at BzzAgent.

In the past, BzzAgent has asked its BzzAgents to “Be Discreet” about their involvement with campaigns. I was a BzzAgent on a couple of campaigns, because I wanted to see what the process was like. I was always a little bothered by having to keep a secret identity, but didn’t have a thoughtful response for an alternate course.

Dave Balter announced a change about two weeks ago. BzzAgents are now requested to:

Be Open

BzzAgents should be entirely open about their identity. As long as you’re sharing your honest opinion, being candid about your involvement with BzzAgent actually helps create better Bzz. If you like a product or service, it doesn’t matter where you found out about it, so don’t feel as though you need to be anonymous or stealthy. Just be open and honest and let your opinion count.

I think this is a great change. I think this will give their efforts even more validity.