Open Source Management

Inc. Magazine takes a stab at open source business in their December Issue. The article is titled “The Secrets of Open-Source Managing” [not online yet]. They use Valve Software (makers of Half-Life) and Van’s Aircraft as good examples. The author used the resistance of Netflix to talk with as a mistep (read about it here ). The article also quotes open source experts Eric Raymond (The Cathedral and the Bazaar) and Steven Weber (The Success of Open Source).

The mandatory takeaway box included the following advice:

  • Pick the right problem (to get help with)
  • Respond quickly to your community
  • Be clear about goals and expectations
  • Respect the Community
  • Be sure to recognized those in the community who brought the best ideas

I thought it was a basic article of the topic. As you can see, I am getting interested in the topic again. I added a new category to capture this stuff.