With Personality

I have told you before I like Greedy Girl.

A couple of weeks ago GG posted an entry about a T-shirt company called Sharp As Toast. They are a company with a great story and lots of personality.

Here is the email I got after sending up for their newsletter:

Ahoy, and greetings from the rounded corner of fashion! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am happy to report that we are selling bushels of garments to you people. Bushels! And I would like to offer apologies to any soul awaiting their first Toast. It is a miserable thing to be a purveyor and to run short on supplies. I have the patience of a lit match these days for such things. I will afford you my humble reassurance that your garments will get through to you. We were so bombarded by you people that I have had to catch up on filling our supply room. And how. I would also like to add fuel to internet rumors that Mr. Toast may just possibly be put on a REALITY TV show. That is a rumor that I can not deny, but will not shed light upon at this moment.

SCRAPED SHIRT IDEAS: 1) “Third Degree Burns” with a picture of George Burns graduating with three degrees. 2) “Sextant Mama” with a picture of a antique Sextant with ruby red lips on it (look it up in the dictionary if you don’t know!)

DID YOU KNOW?: If you listen to them, Clocks make the sound “tick, tick,” not “tick, tock.” We hear it wrong. We imagine a pendulum.

A QUESTION FOR YOU: Does anyone wave back at people in parades anymore?

COMING SOON: A new design. All you people in my AWESOME ARMY will get the first word at our latest shirt. A hint: It involves Abe Lincoln! Another hint: orgy!

AND IN CLOSING: Please continue to spread the web-word. These days it is hard to find something so original! All those other clowns own all the airwaves! They own the magazine pages! But they don’t own the street! Take it back on the web! Send Paul Frank a CYBER-FINGER! Give Von-Dutch an E-PUNCH to his cold, dead skull!

AND REMEMBER: Well behaved women rarely make history.

A leg of lamb as before, the heart of a lion forever,

I thought this was great.