When I think open source business…

When I think of transparency and operating as an open source business, I think of what BzzAgent is doing with their blog.

The latest example is the post asking where they ask their stakeholders “Who Would You Hire?” They provided descriptions of the two finalists’ backgrounds and looked to readers for their feedback. This week Bzzagent announced the person they hired and gave reasons for the decision.

Back in May, they shared an internal memo that included their cash burn rate and plans for obtaining additional capital.

I think what they are doing is bold.

2 thoughts on “When I think open source business…

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  2. Todd, I agree. I really like BzzAgent’s transparency. And I am going to model it for the new venture that I’ve nicknamed/codenamed (facetiously) Super Secret Startup. Part of the reason for the ultra-transparency is I’d like others to see the inner workings of a different organizational model from the typical modern corporation…and that would probably be most effectively done by showing it.

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