Why to read Wired

I read every issue of Wired magazine. Some tell me that the design is too much for them. Others tell me it is too much about tech.

I read it because they give you a headstart on how technology is going to impact your business and its strategy. You must go read this month’s article called The Long Tail. It is an outstanding analysis of how e-commerce companies are consolidating demand like physical stores never could.

Consider this – The top 400,000 songs on Rhapsody’s music service are played by customers at least once a month. That is amazing. If you were to look at my iTunes purchases, you would see some very similar behavior. I have some very popular stuff and a few tracks were I probably made the purchase for that month.

Let me recommend again getting a subscription to Wired.

One thought on “Why to read Wired

  1. Totally agree. I stopped reading Wired for a while a few years back. It hit a weird spot where it wasn’t that interesting (the articles were a bit too much about whack science) and didn’t have the biz hook it once did. Lately, however, it’s back on top. This is my “If you only read one magazine, let it be this one…” magazine.

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